The Story Of Adlai Grace

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On August 16, 2011, a litter of seven little kittens (approximately 3-4 weeks old) were found on a dirt road (Kops Rd), near Blue Lake in the greater Muskegon, Michigan area. These little kittens apparently were put in a cardboard box and were thrown from a moving vehicle. Of the seven, only three survived. Two were without serious injury and the third little survivor had a severe spine injury that left her paralyzed and incontinent.

Most people probably would have had this little kitten euthanized and it might well have been justified. But Wendy Matthews evidently saw some “spirit” in this little kitten’s eyes and took her home to try and help this little one become a survivor against a lot of odds. And she DID continue to survive!

Wendy named this little kitten, Adlai – Hebrew for “God is just”.

Little Adlai’s back was “humped” which might have been a compressed spine. In the beginning, Adlai could barely lift her head. She had violent seizures and labored breathing. She needed to be on a pad at all times because of her incontinence. This spine compression also causes her breathing to be labored. Wendy certainly had many sleepless nights as little Adlai had to be constantly monitored.

The veterinarians could do very little to help with Adlai’s pain as she was too small to safely handle any medications. She needed to get her weight up to over 2 lbs before they could attempt to do anything for her. Adlai still had her seizures and labored breathing off and on but she was hanging in there. A fund was established so that people could donate towards her future medical expenses. MRIs, possible surgeries and other medical needs.

But she still progressed little-by-little. She graduated to being able to wear preemie diapers so that she could go more places with Wendy (now her “Mom”). Her eyes became brighter. She got a bit stronger so that she could pull herself a little ways on the carpet with her front legs. She could play a bit with all her toys. Wendy shared pictures and videos of all this progress the precious Adlai was making. She was showing the true survivor spirit. This progress was truly a Miracle.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. On Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at about 1 pm, little Adlai Grace had another serious pain/breathing attack. She didn’t make it thru this one.

Here is Wendy’s summation of what happened that afternoon …

“For those who are asking what happened: Adlai’s injury was high enough up the spinal column that it affected her breathing….much like Christopher Reeves who had to live on a ventilator. She would get excited or have a pain attack and her breathing would go from labored to gasping for air. She had had another pain/breathing attack around 1 pm today and was unable to catch her breath. She passed quickly and unexpectedly in my arms. I am devastated.”

We all were and STILL are, devastated by this sad turn of events for Adlai Grace. But the fact that she did as well as she did over the past weeks is a true miracle and testament to her “spirit” and the love of her “Mom”, Wendy!

While the precious little Adlai is no longer with us, she has also left a bit of a legacy that all of us can help to continue. AND that is to keep raising awareness about and help with the fight against the animal cruelty that little Adlai and her siblings suffered from. This kind of stuff should NOT be happening in our society.

More people need to be made aware of this in the hope that better legislation be sought to try and prevent this type of abuse. Help Put A STOP To Animal Cruelty! PLEASE let YOUR lawmakers know that you want TOUGHER laws against animal abuse/cruelty!

Farewell My Little Furry Friend From Afar – I REALLY Miss Ya!
Rick Wilson
Newport, RI USA

“Adlai Grace … A precious miracle that will NOT be forgotten. Enduring the worst of humanity at first, God let her have time to know REAL love and compassion before carrying her home Himself. Tears fall softly for this little loving spirit. A part of her loving nature will live on in our hearts.”

I Am Ready

God saw little Adlai, not yet named, and said, "I'm going to have a special job for you. It may seem very hard at first and I'm sorry that you're in pain now, but I need you to trust me."

And Adlai held out her little paw. "I'm ready." she said.

God said to Adlai, "I'm going to send you to a very special human. She's going to love you and care for you, but even that won't be the end of your story. Through her and through you, so many people will be touched, so many people will be moved. So many will love you and hope for you and their love will unite them around the world."

And Adlai held out her little paw. "I'm ready." she said.

God saw that Adlai, sweet as she was, loved as she was, was hurting and He could not let that go on. Brief as her time was on Earth, He saw that she had done exactly what He said she would do. He said, "I'm going to bring you home now."

Adlai said, "But what about my mommy? This will hurt her and I don't want to leave her alone."

"She's not alone." God said. "All of the people who read about you, who loved you from a distance, they are there for her. As are your brothers and sisters."

And Adlai held out her little paw. "I'm ready." she said.

A Letter From Adlai Grace To The Person(s) That hurt And Left Her And Six Siblings To Die On An Old Dirt Road Near Blue Lake In The Greater Muskegon, Michigan Area On Or About August 16, 2011…

(By Wendy Matthews)

Adlai Grace

(By Wendy Matthews)
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